Friday, February 09, 2007

"Doomsday Site?" - Global Warming ER????

You have to read this......I guess, as a backup...just in case the GW theory is correct, which it is not...this might be important.

Check it out @ HERE & Think about it!!!

I find the project to have several applications.....not among them, however, is Global Warming. Mostly, I see it as a repository for the continuation of life (possibly) if we experience the much-more-likely meteor-strike! Another in the long line of things that have dictated life development on Earth!

That includes plans I do not see here.....plans such as extended life-perpetuation vis-a-vis people actually protected in the site as well....You know, like as against annihilation from such a devastating problem. This, I feel is MUCH more likely the scenario even given global warming.

I am among those who find the lack of realization by ANY intelligent government source of the fragility of our Human Race by being in ONE place as actually stupid/short-sighted/ignorant/etc.

We are a true "Mote in God's Eye!" If God blinks, and a meteor strikes.....the entire Human Race is Ancient History!!!! A history never to be known by anyone, anywhere, anytime!

What a sad ending to a civilization which has achieved so much positive!

Feel insignificant? I do!