Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Postal Service in Trouble....There Are Answers!

The U.S. Postal Service proposes dropping Saturday delivery....TO HELP CORRECT $7 BILLION DEFICIT!

To my way of thinking, there are other solutions.....such as doubling the charges for all the junk advertising I receive each and every day. My paper re-cycling tub is filled to the brim every week. I only get one newspaper. The problem is advertising. I open less than 1 in 20 pieces of advertising/local coupons, etc. Multiply my load of crap received weekly by the folks on my mailman's route and I believe he could cover twice the ground if it were eliminated. If not eliminated, then make the advertiser pay. The dirt-cheap rates for this voluminous crap is way below the cost of newspaper or other media rates.

In effect YOU & I are subsidizing these advertisers. They send you all sorts of ads, knowing that YOU pay for a portion of it. The advertisers are going to go where it is cheapest to get out their message.

As for Saturday mail. Not important to me, however it may be to many folks...and, of course, for some businesses. Why not a tiered system. Let the business/citizen wishing Saturday mail pay a fee for it? Then postal workers could deliver a route which I estimate would be 1/5th or less. Thus one worker can cover several routes.

The problem is, of course, the mentality of the unionized workers who love the overtime and job security. Another government employee union costing we taxpayers to provide them security.

Of course, the politics of this are huge. Why do you think the Democrats oppose cross-state insurance sales, and laws halting law suits in health care? Cause the unions and lawyers are their primary support. Thus they will never do anything to help the taxpayer as long as it is opposed by these powerful lobbies!

To bad we citizens cannot elect a Congress/Senate to actually, you know, represent US!!!!!

Come on Tea Party!