Thursday, November 05, 2009

AARP Endorsing ObamaCare....BY WHOSE VOTE???

AARP sez their 40 million seniors endorse ObamaCare.....

Just one small problem....They N-E-V-E-R asked their 40 million members what they thought!!!!

AARP did not poll members.....they did not listen when members heard their rhetoric and screamed them down in member sessions....they have never asked their member what they actually thought....

GOLLEE.....Could we have a problem with claiming our membership supports ObamaCare when they have NEVER been asked???? Not by AARP statements.

Membership-shmembership....who gives a rat's pattotie? If you is a member you WILL ACCEPT what WE decide!

Speak for yourself Jack......I am an AARP member; so is my wife....That membership will NEVER be renewed.....I hope I am joined by millions who feel as I do.... disenfranchised ....disowned....left with NO VOICE....but claimed as part of the AARP endorsement. You have come to represent the goal of making BILLIONS in Govt. Insurance while ignoring your membership.

My question AARP........How DID YOU GET MY VOTE IN FAVOR???? How did you determine MY intent and opinion?

I have hundreds of friends who have been AARP members.....N-O-N-E have ever been asked by you what they felt about ObamaCare or any other measure you ave ever endorsed.

Maybe if you feel you can speak for us without asking us, we need to find another place to use our energy/force/vote. & $$$$$$$ You where they actually ASK US what we think!!!

I know my Duchess & I will NEVER AGAIN fund, pay, or support ANY AARP position.