Sunday, November 01, 2009

Speaking of RINOs.....How's This Suit You Newt baby?

RINO Scozzafava has now endorsed her NY 23 Democratic rival over the Independent conservative Hoffman who derailed her campaign.

The RNC dumped $900,000 into the Scozzafava campaign....Newt Gingrich ran to NY and extolled her virtues, despite her adherence to most of the liberal (Democrat) positions.

A number of well-known folks from the conservative side supported Hoffman....Palin, Pawlenty, and more. When it became apparent that Hoffman would make her campaign untenable, the RINO became a new adherent to the "Let me jump ship" philosophy. Now all the RNC & Newt have left is an empty larder, and a RINO campaigning for her Democrat opponent.

Let me hear your explanation now Newt. Guess maybe Hoffman was right to jump in. Guess the GOP establishment still has not gotten the message, but this might make the 1st baby-steps toward realization a little easier for them.


UPDATE: Professor Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit HAS A LOT MORE LINKS!!!