Monday, October 26, 2009

Northwest Airlines Flight 188....Lost in (Hyper)Space!


The rumors are rampant. 1st the report from the Pilot(s) was....We were in a heated discussion!

Next rumor was the use of disallowed laptops by the pilot & co-pilot to discuss and dissect the new operation of their combined airlines.

The added, yet unconfirmed rumor, was there was a bit of hanky-panky in the cockpit involving one of the air crew who was "visiting" the pilots.

The flight recorder is no help. The pilots are no help...What did the rest of the crew, the ones who were not in the cockpit think and do? I guess this will all come out.

The facts are....the crew, under whatever guise, was completely out-of-touch with reality as pilots of an airliner carrying a lot of human souls. I care not if they were arguing, computing, or engaged in other activities more physical...I NEVER want to fly with them...nor should I have to!