Sunday, November 01, 2009

Boeing-Boeing.....Going, Going.....

Boeing has announced their new 787 construction line will be built in NC!!!!

Yeppers, the goose that laid Washington State's golden eggs is not going to build anything else in the state. Instead they opted for a more employer-friendly state....North Carolina. Unions have a LOT less clout, and the taxes are better for the company. The State of Washington had been warned for years by Boeing.

Years ago (more than 30) I worked for Caterpillar Tractor in their East Peoria, IL plant. I was in training to become a PR hack for one of their plants, but that entailed 1st working in the actual plant. I still remember the standard phrase of all the dedicated union workers...."It ain't my tractor!"....the problem.....well, of course it was their tractor. If it was inferior, cost too much, or could not be produced by a striking work force the sale went to Komatsu!

Unions, to my way of thinking, are still the biggest stumbling block to our industrial efforts and success in world markets. Of course, they are aided by states whose friends are unions, not employers. The industrial belt is becoming the jobless belt....rapidly!