Friday, October 24, 2008

Polls Are Polls Are Polls.....Etc.

Some thoughts on the polling process which has been purporting to show us how the election was/is going since a time about two years ago.....YES, two years ago.

The first polls showed us IF so-and-so was running against who-and-who what would be the vote % for each. These are soooo speculative as to be a waste of time to print.

Next, as the actual primaries began, the polls drew a sharper line....still all over the place according to the presumption of the questions asked, and the folks actually asked those questions.

Now, as we near the date of the real vote (real, as opposed to pre-voting in many forms across the land) the polls continue to be all over the place.

The best and worst indicators to me include those issued by the party candidates themselves. When Sarah Palin states with apparent certainty that she and McCain WILL win Pennsylvania there are two options: The inside GOP polls show they really can and probably will....or, they feel a shove in the right direction might counter the spin of a MSM bent on convincing the voters it is all over.

In any case, I feel fairly confident that in most undecided states the GOP will be a few points above the polls. That is the history of most.