Friday, October 03, 2008

How Sad - Too Bad!

The GOP........McCain as principle architect........have given up the 2008 election. McCain's "principles" have again outweighed his ability. His "Gang of 14", and his "McCain-Feingold" are haunting him to the end.

Unfortunately his mis-adventures have cost the GOP the Presidency. He is a middle-of-the-road Republican.....he has sacrificed his entire Conservative base for his "principles".....

Bless you John McCain, for your military experiences and the awful life you lived. Curse you John McCain for being such a maverick that you have given Obama his Presidency!

I am ashamed this day to be a Republican. WE have given away the Presidency, the final bullwark to keep the Democrat Congress from advancing the Obama-type Socialism.

The next four years will be hell, and we may never, as a nation, recover.

I am glad at this point I am 65....Obama cannot hurt me much. I am sad for my children/grandchildren. They will suffer most from the idiocy and the vacant minds of those who chose "Change you can live with" over reality!