Friday, October 03, 2008

R.I.P. - GOP!!!!!

McCain let his VP candidate loose on Thursday, and she made Biden look less-than stellar.....despite DECADES in the Senate. That speaks to the quality of McCain's Choice for VP.


McCain has already "Bombed" on the Bailout issue. He tanked, he blew it, he was W-R-O-N-G!!!!

He has LOST the election with his obstinate stance on the bailout (known by liberals as the "Rescue"......)

Mcain remains the cantankerous old fool who was part of the "Gang of (Thieves) 14" He helped author the horrendous "McCain-Feingold"....

Our party whimped out and selected a sure loser, and thus we have abdicated the future to Socialism!

Obama is a Wolf in sheep's clothing middle-of-the-roader with the WORST voting record for Conservatives in the entire Senate.


The herd mentality has taken over.

"Change We Can Believe In" has become the mantra of the mindless........

We WILL endure 4 years of Obama.

McCain is a lost soul still thinking he can "be honest" and win.....B.S.

Take the old man out to the pasture and let him graze.....

Meanwhile we are going to lose the election....lose the control of EVERYTHING......

4 Years....

By the end of this we will have Socialized Medicine!

By the end of this we will have complete control of all events in the media by the "fairness doctrine" resurrected!

Obama wins....the country loses, and the country is not going to be in a position to recover after Socialized Medicine is in effect....we will then live with it just a do Canada and England....BOTH failed medicine systems.

ALL Hail Obama, the architect of the end of the USA as a Democracy!

Democracy does NOT = Democrat!