Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I am tired.....I am tired of the lies, tired of the subterfuge, tired of the many, many folks who are working so very hard to HIDE from the voters the facts of this election.

We are working to elect a person who is slated to be our President for the next 4 years!

The differences are striking.

The reasons I hear from the voters who have already decided are far from decisive. Many are just TIRED of the same-ole-same-ole in Washington. They are the most outspoken. The problem is, they find no solution (Nor do I!) in the offerings. We have two candidates as different as night and day (THAT was not a racist comment!).... as different as possible in ideology, and both teams sport one "NEW" member from the masses, and one "OLD" member from the many-times-elected corner.

For my part, I will vote McCain/Palin. I do not like John McCain. His McCain Feingold bill is an abomination. He is a veterans pol who has given me many reasons to oppose him. He, as part of the Gang of 14, sold out his party, and his support for the Immigration legislation was a WOW!


Obama is a solid, far-left Socialist who is trying VERY, VERY hard to appear middle-of-the-road. He will NOT be middle-of-the-road as a President. I know it, and so do all who care to look at his record. He is a Chicago Pol who votes as a Chicago pol, and who lies as often as do they!

We may be on the edge of losing to this slick man who is a vacuum none of us really know. But I shall oppose him, and if he is elected I shall issue in a year or two the "I TOLD YOU SO!"

Unfortunately that will not change the fact we will by then be mired in "Obamaism", and we will face "Jimmah Carter, II"