Wednesday, October 01, 2008

S-C-A-R-Y Stuff!!!!!

Obama may well win!

Yeppers folks, this hick from Chicago (Chi-kaw-ga as stated by "Boss" Richard Daley many years ago).....may well be our next President....our first Islamic/Black/White President!

We will have to live with this for 4 L-O-N-G years!

Jimmah Carter, II.....but with the Black thingee attached.....and he is going to force control of the media......WHY-OH-WHY are the media so very, very compliant????

I guess the facts I read somewhere online are true.....the media are knowing they are losing any impact, and they are using this as their last-gap attempt to actually impact an election!

Sad, Sad, Sad!!!!

As a former newsman and News Director, I find the current media folk totally bereft of ANY possible believability!