Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Edwards Story Growing Legs - It Ain't Over Yet!

The New York Post Has more "stuff"...

Much of this connects to already-unveiled items. It all points to an Edwards/Hunter attempt to cover. He to protect himself from further political damage...she to help her "love" and, of course to keep receiving the rumored $15,000 monthly.

One of my commenter's got his panties in a wad over Edwards wife and the press exposure. If I am correct, she will be better-informed to find this sniveling "silky pony" is STILL peddling his own brand of pony-poo!

& Yes, I do feel sorry for her, but it is time this entire thing is out and open. The dribbles of information are seemingly coming together much like waters rushing down mountain streams and soon a torrent of items will be out.

"Silky Pony" may soon be a sow's ear!