Monday, August 11, 2008

This Is NOT Fun!

A close friend.....a fellow Elks member for years, and the person who held my current office for 13 years, is losing his wife of 54 years!


Three weeks ago she had a massive stroke. The primary problem was she lost her memory. She seems to know no one.

Now, her body is failing.....limbs are not getting circulation.

Life is ebbing away, and my friend has not the tools to deal with this crisis. Who among us could deal with the sudden and disastrous loss of a loved one of 5 decades? Not me.....

Life can be cruel......

B-U-T On the other hand, as offered by many....myself included....they had 50 plus years together....many more than most of us will enjoy!

May God bless you Carl....and he will recieve your loved-one into his arms with comfort.

Accept life and love and caring, my friend!