Sunday, August 10, 2008

Edwards & Hunter Skirt Paternity Issue

Reille Hunter has now publicly stated that she will not submit her daughter to paternity testing.

One could hear the Edwards sigh of relief all the way down here in Tampa.

This also adds fuel to the rumor that there is a $15,000 monthly "fee" being paid to Ms. Hunter by some part of the Edwards organization....a rumor not yet proven nor oft reported in any media. The supposed fee has continued since her work on videos for the former Presidential candidate.

Any one wish to speculate that the fee discussion had already taken place prior to Edwards' admission of involvement and denial of paternity. Yeah, right....He is just fond of making middle-of-the-night visits to the hotel rooms of special advisers to see the advisor's offspring....and then to hide in irrational fashion from the media present.

Sorry folks, this kettle of fish smells to high heaven!

Somehow I have a strong inclination that this apparent attempt to put the fish back in the barrel is not going to quell the media.

Stay tuned.