Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pelosi's Firm Position(s) On Drilling....All of Them!

From the CNN Larry King Show:

"I would not. It depends how the drilling is put forth. But I don’t — that is not excluded, let me say it that way. It depends how that is proposed, if the safeguards are there. Now, mind you, 68 million acres — 10 million more acres in Alaska where they can drill. But if there’s — if we can get some great things, in terms of renewable energy resources; a renewable electricity standard; wind, solar, biofuels and the rest in that context, because if you make a decision only to go with the offshore drilling, you are increasing our dependence on fossil fuels and you will never free yourself of that addiction unless you invest in the renewable energy resources that are good for the environment, cheaper for the consumer and will reverse global warming.

And the consumer is our first responsibility. The American taxpayer owns this oil offshore, by the way. Let me make this one final point. This oil is owned by the American taxpayers. The oil companies drill. We give them money to drill there. But we get very little in return.

So I think as we have this debate, which is a very healthy one to have and I welcome it, we have to review and realign the relationship between our oil, big oil’s profits and what it means to the consumer and the taxpayer."

What The Hell Did She Just Say??????????

I guess the headline should have been: "Pelosi Hits Bottom....Orders More Shovels!"