Monday, July 21, 2008

Obama "Cult" Following Encouraged by Anti-USA Europeans!

That is a mouth full....

It should be a "Head-full" for United States voters.....those who are not into starry-eyed devotion to the Obama, "The One", as now labeled by numbers of McCain supporters.

Neal Boortz, just back from a week in Europe lays it out this morning; "I''ve just returned from a week across the pond; London, Paris and Dublin. While there I had the opportunity to talk to journalists, pundits, political figures and businessmen. The message everywhere is the same. If Europeans could vote in the presidential election they would vote overwhelmingly for Obama, and the margins would be huge. The Obama margin right now in Germany is 49 percent. In France it is 51 percent and in Great Britain 30 percent.

But there's concern as well. Concern about the type of following Obama has generated and the policies he will take with him to the White House.

If you read the Barkin column you will find some interesting phrases:

* " ...unease with the Illinois senator's cult-like following ..."
* "a lot of people will have their illusions shattered if he does become president,"
* "Euphoria in politics is an invitation for disappointment,"

What have I been telling you? I'm not the only one sounding this warning. Some Obama followers can be fairly categorized as a cult. We are watching mass hysteria at work. Even in Europe there are people who will tell you how wonderful Barack Obama is, and if you ask they why it is brook trout time. They just sit there with their mouths open sucking in oxygen. Some will tell you they like him because he's for "change." My my, how very profound.

Just be ready. Toward the end of this week Obama will hit Berlin. Then it's off to France and Great Britain. Just wait until you see the crowds. You're going to think that a Beatles reunion has become a reality – including the dead ones.

As you watch the mania being beamed back from Europe, I ask you to remember one important thing. Not too many months ago the Pew Research Center – and these are people with great expertise in European polling – said that 58% of all Europeans want to see the United States weakened. Now think about that for a minute. Do you want the United States to be weakened? It's not surprising that Europeans might want that. After all, a weaker United States might well mean a stronger Europe in international affairs and economic influence. That might be great for Europe, and we can understand Europeans wanting to bring this about. But when these Europeans start falling all over themselves during the Obama 2008 tour, try to remember what their goals really are. Are they slobbering all over Obama because they think he will be a wonderful and powerful world leader, or because they think that Barack Obama is the means to their desired end ... a weakened America.

Can it be that the future of this country is going to depend on millions of voters snapping out of it – escaping the cult – and actually sitting back for a little session of sober thought on the choices at hand?"

Read all his thoughts at Neal Boortz' site!

One thing that stands out for me as the entire truth is the feeling, shared by many, but lost to the star-struck herd, is the fact that if elected Obama WILL NOT BE what most who would vote for him hope he'd be.

Lets follow this as we move to convention time and then the post-convention polls and see how many American voters remain under the spell of "The One!"