Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dem Plan To Cut Gas Use Succeeds....Now They MUST Tax to Cover Losses!


O.K., since you plebians followed our plan and stopped using so much gas, after we hiked the prices by avoiding drilling ANY WHERE!, we now MUST Hike taxes!!!!!

So Sayeth the reported by Ed Morrissey: "Pork is the cholesterol of infrastructure. Whenever Congress attempts to address legitimate infrastructure needs, it signals open season on the taxpayers. In that bill last year, over $8 billion got spent on earmarks — the same amount that Congress says will be the shortfall this year for transportation needs, and the deficit they need to erase by raising the gas tax.

When gas was inexpensive, Congress could get away with that. Now that fuel prices have shot through the roof, taxpayers want relief, not a greedy Congress looking to get a piece of the action. If Congress demands sacrifice, then let it start with Congress and eliminate their pet projects from future transportation bills. The gas-tax holiday may be a silly idea, but a gas-tax penalty at this point in time has to set a record for political stupidity."

How true. YOU & I are being soaked by the Democrat idiots along every step of the way, and yet they wish us to vote for them????

Read Ed's entire presentation HERE!!!

Why would you vote for such people who wish to limit our solutions on fuel and still tax us when they do?

I am truly mystified!