Friday, February 01, 2008

Now It Gets D-I-R-T-Y!!!!

75 people die in the worst Iraq bombing IN A YEAR!

Two bombers exploded in Pet Bazaars in Baghdad......

Now the awful, awful turn in Iraq....

The bombers were retarded folk who may not have even known of the remote-detonated bombs they carried.

Anybody want to debate me on "The Religion of Peace?"

Sickness knows no bounds in the world of terrorists! Of course, the actual terrorists are safe at their homes, planning the next way to use women, retarded folks, children to carry forth their views.....they, themselves cannot, of course, be challenged to do anything but plan and involve the folks who know no better.

Damn the Islamic Terrorists! You destroy life in the guise of religion....

& Of course, your exercise in a new method explains just how very, very desparate you are to find someone....anyone who will wear bomb....."Fool them into thinking it is a magic vest of learning!"

Idiocy! Sad!