Friday, June 15, 2007

Two "New" Countries...."Hamastan" & "Fatahstan"

This is getting so really interesting.....but, probably not to the Israeli population. It seems now that Hamas has complete control of Gaza......Fatah, meanwhile is consolidating their already-considerable hold on the West Bank.

Let's examine this a bit.

West Bank.....While Fatah is a legion of crooks and thieves, they are perhaps less annihilation-minded than their counterparts. They, through their leader Abbas, have at least on-paper agreed to recognize Israel.

Gaza....These folks, to use the vernacular, are "screwed." How very, very sad. A terrorist organization that came to political power via a public revolt against a dishonest administration in Fatah & Abbas, now moves to complete control of the Gaza. The organization will impose strict, antiquated rules of Islam on the population, and wholesale deaths will reign. That comes to both the Israeli people Hamas will try to rocket to death, and the Gaza residents already decimated by the warfare among their own people. They have no future!

This will be something to watch....not something pretty, but interesting to see how the world reacts to the two entities vis-a-vis funding, and humanitarian dollars.