Friday, June 15, 2007


(Photoshop by David Lunde)

ON "Shamnesty"...

It was prevented just a week it is back and sell-out Senators such as Trent Lott & others are giving away the farm on immigration to avoid a conflict. In the process they are dropping any pretext of our actual GOP position of "CONTROL THE BORDERS 1st".

4.4 billion dollars, called for by Bush as an "insurance" that he is serious about the control of our borders, is a J-O-K-E!!!!! ON US! The money is simply to fund laws ALREADY ON THE BOOKS! It is NOT connected at all to the Shamnesty bill.

This bill is actually MUCH, MUCH worse than the 1986 farce! The money will never be collected from the illegals.....the border will NOT be secured, and we will spend BILLIONS in the process and Bush's legacy will be the sellout of America to Mexico.

When do we get to vote again on these sellout folks like Mel Martinez? I'd vote twice if i could... but I can guarantee the votes of myself and Duchess will be for whomever opposes Martinez!

Meanwhile do not give up on this 1-800-417-7666

Let the Lotts and McConnells know just how opposed to this deal we, THE VOTERS, actually are.