Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"86" That Order!

Maybe it is time to show the backbone of a GOP with real intentions to represent their constituency and issue an "86" order.......

The meaning is dual......

1986 was the year the last immigration bill was passed; you know, the one NOT enforced, never funded, and without any form of completion what-so-ever!

The term "86" in restaurant parlance has a meaning "remove the item from the menu!"

Time, folks, for us to "86" this immigration bill.

DO NOT try to give us a few amendments which would propose to change the current idiocy into some form of acceptable legislation.....RE-WRITE the bill.....NOPE!!!! Give us a new one with 1-2-3 as the lead.

1. Build the fence/wall

2. Provide enough Border Patrol agents to enforce the wall's preventive measures.

3. THEN...Deal with the illegals here now......

#3, by the way, becomes much more sane and easy to envision when the flow of new illegals has been halted!

This is such a "DUH!" that I am amazed when I read the politicians who are posturing, posing, and proposing amendments when it has become clear the PUBLIC (read VOTERS!) is opposed to their efforts.

Their hubris in still continuing their line is amazing and defiant.

Time for a voter-induced reform in our Congress.....BOTH HOUSES!