Thursday, June 14, 2007

They're Back!!!!!!!

Immigration bill to be brought back off life-support....Reid & Kennedy & Graham & Martinez (bless his lying soul) are going to bring the bill back.

They are trying hard this time to convince us they are serious by making money part of the deal. They could accomplish that WITHOUT the amnesty portion. They make it part and parcel.

Michelle Malkin, always on top of this issue, tells the tale.

Our Florida Senators are lost to us (Nelson toes the Demo line, and Martinez is in GWB's hip pocket.) reach out to the swing Senators.

When more than 60% of the public in the USA want BORDER SECURITY 1st, there is something wrong with a bill built around amnesty....PERIOD!

Our government is out-of-control. The GOP wants cheap labor which we taxpayers fund for healthcare, education etc. The DEMs want Hispanic votes. They could give a you-know-what about the voters in the majority opinion.

Time to speak up folks!