Friday, June 29, 2007

Martinez - Whine, Grouse....It's ALL Your Burden Now!

Senator Mel Martinez, (R-Bushite), has already stepped forward to avoid any responsibility for the immigration laws of our country. Following his leadership role in pursuing the Bush/Kennedy/McCain fiasco, Martinez this morning told the readers of the Tampa Tribune why he has no ownership in immigration problems:

"Burden Now On You, Martinez Tells Foes

By BILLY HOUSE The Tampa Tribune

Published: Jun 29, 2007

WASHINGTON - Disappointed, Florida Sen. Mel Martinez says those who defeated the Senate's proposed immigration-law overhaul now have the responsibility to come up with their solutions to the problem.

"I will do what I can on this topic, but I do think the burden has shifted to others to see what proposals, what solutions they will offer and they will have," said Republican Martinez, one of about 10 senators with key roles in shaping the bill.

Senators scuttled the bipartisan bill that was pushed by President Bush, voting 46-53 against moving ahead to a final vote. That left supporters of the bill 14 votes short of 60 required to proceed.

Florida's other senator, Democrat Bill Nelson, joined Martinez in voting to allow the bill to move forward. He said the proposed overhaul of the nation's immigration laws "had flaws," but would have at least been a first step toward securing U.S. borders and enforcing immigration laws.

"Most everyone agrees our immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed," Nelson said. "What we have now is the equivalent of amnesty. That's why I voted to have a full debate and final decision on an immigration plan pending in the Senate."

It was a particularly bitter defeat for Martinez, given his prominent role in helping to forge a bipartisan agreement as both a senator and Bush's handpicked Republican National Committee general chairman.

The Cuba-born Martinez said the bill, crafted over months of negotiations, would have done "a tremendous amount" to end illegality and better secure the border nation's borders.

Martinez said it also would have done "a measure of justice by those who have been here, who've worked and who've made this country their home for now-in many instances-more than two decades."

My question of Mel Martinez, with whom I exchanged emails during the bill's consideration, would be, in fact is....."Why not now regain the publics confidence by enforcing the laws on the know, those from 1986? Why not build the hundreds of miles of fence authorized last year? Why not actually support your Border Patrol in their enforcement of the laws of the United States?" I'll add in my actual email to Martinez as soon as it is sent.....

We in Florida actually elected this guy as a Republican Senator? Well, I guess we also elected his mentor, GWB!


UPDATE: Here is my email to Senator Martinez.....

"I read, with much disgust, your statements in this morning's Tampa Tribune wherein you have chosen to pass off responsibility to others now that the hastily, stealthily written, bill has failed.

My questions to you include:

1. Why not now regain the confidence of a disillusioned voter-base by actually enforcing the laws passed in 1986?

2. Why not actually build the hundreds of miles of fence voted for last year?

3. Why not support your Border Patrol in their enforcement of the laws on the books?

Yes, Senator, you DO have ownership of the immigration problem...if you actually choose to enforce the laws of the United your oath of office demands!

What steps do you plan to take to move on the above items. I await your response, and appreciate the response a couple of weeks ago to my 1st email on this topic...even as I disagreed with the comments you made it was positive that I got the response."