Thursday, June 28, 2007


That is the magic number.

18 Senators switched their vote on cloture from two days ago to this morning.

18 - 6 Democrats; 12 Republicans

What happened?

It seems fairly simple to determine the facts.

Many Senators voted to avoid cloture (in effect bringing the immigration bill, known as Amnesty 2, back to the floor) so the bill could be debated....considered, possibly amended into a bill acceptable.

Harry Reid committed legislative suicide by using every mean tool in his bag, and some not ever before used to try to choo-choo the bill thru with no debate, no modifications, etc. That stopped a BUNCH of Senators in their tracks.

These Senators were getting hundreds and thousands of phone calls, emails, letters... ALMOST ALL in opposition to the bill. The opposition? "If you cannot enforce the laws now on the books, why should we buy another pig-in-a-poke about you enforcing this new set of laws???"

Nuff Said. The word got through folks. WE, the VOTERS were heard, and the Senate responded...grudgingly for sure...with a vote today to end the current "Shamnesty" bill. the members of Congress have the you-know-whats to face the message and do know, something like ENFORCE the laws now on the books as a show of their seriousness. I'll give pretty hefty odds that AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!

Enforcement was never the plan....if it had been they could have done so within what IS....

I still feel the GOP abandoned us, and today's vote sends only one message. You cannot buffalo the people all the time.

Sounds like a P T Barnum moment to me!