Thursday, June 28, 2007

Immigration Bill Dies An Ugly Death!

The final vote........53 voting to NOT invoke other words voting to keep deabte alive on the flawed immigration bill. That sounds the death knell as Senator Harry (Whiny Guy) Reid has promised to take the bill out if defeated.

The actual votes for the bill were 46.....14 short of the 60 needed!


A number of votes from folks who failed us on the earlier cloture vote were reversed. One interesting note: Sam Brownback, alledged Presidential candidate voted FOR cloture...then, amazingly, when it became clear the cloture would not be invoked, he switched his vote. Me thinks he was going to vote against the bill in its final form, knowing full well it would pass and he could then claim his opposition for those of us opposed to the bill. What an wonder he is trailing on all the polls.

WE have a small victory. Now, how do we get the congress to ENFORCE the laws on the book.