Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Surgery Delayed!

Awoke this morning with my current round of "Crud" having spread to The Duchess....

On-the-way to the surgi-center (50 minute drive) we got half way when we finally reached surgeon & told him of her cough/sore throat.....surgeon and anesthesiologist agreed "No surgery til better"...

Duchess was distraught as she was not only psyched to go, but is in near-constant pain which only seems better when she is in one of her water classes (she does aerobics and volleyball in the water).

Meanwhile I am bound for docs office this afternoon as my version of the crud has crept into head and now my eye which is quite red and oozing some bad stuff. Just love both my having this and having caused delay in Duchess' surgery.


p.s. Thanks for the expressions of concern and thoughts for Duchess via comments and email.