Monday, March 26, 2007

"Planet Earth" is Marvelous!

Last evening I watched three first three installments of the Discovery Channel (HD)'s new series. What a wonderful idea.....What a magnificent dedication.

If you have not yet seen the 1st set of programs; DO SO! They will be repeated several times this week prior to the next sessions which will air next Sunday night at 8:00pm. You can also read about the BBC series HERE!

The filming, all in HD, is truly awe-inspiring. Chases across the plains and swamps of Africa; underwater studies of animals and plants; Arctic animals; and, much, much more.

The segments are actually about 40-45 minutes with only one commercial break. Then the balance of the hour is spent on how-it-was-done, and previews for future episodes.

If you have not seen I said so. You'll not be sorry.