Thursday, March 22, 2007

DEMS: We Do Not Want To Communicate! We Wanna Subpoena!

How very, very nice......A Democratic idiocy exposed for all to see.....

The Dems are seeking testimony, with sworn-in folks.....They do not need this, they just want it....cause they hope to get access to folks, under oath.....then they can call them back again, and again! They can try to keep this non-issue alive til 2008......

Bush offered folks to testify....without sworn testimony. They refused. They want "fresh meat" they can call up again and again....just to keep the "non-issue" before the Liberal-friendly media!

Now, given the Dems' view that they want all, always, forever......The PRES has finally said..... "Enough!" He will not bow to the Dem idiocy. The Dems do not vcare, as it allows them to keep the issue out front and to let the Liberal Media help them attack Bush!

The fact is, this is another "Plame" item.......NO FACTS...NO Problem....but it is Soooooooo nice to have a friendly media!

Go Dems.....when will the public wake again to the terrible idiocy of the Dems????

Soon I hope!