Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Marijuana Safer Than: Alcohol & Tobacco

Yeppers folks, that is the story from the British.

Check it through a Neal Boortz piece this morning!


There's a report by a panel of experts out in Great Britain HERE!!! which says that alcohol and tobacco cause more harm than marijuana ... and that any attempt by the government at total prohibition is "bound to fail." This report will be part of a complete review of British drug laws in 2008. It's interesting to note that the report says that U.S. drug laws are more unscientific and irrational than Britain's. No surprise there. Remember, in some states you can't even own a sex toy. Think about it ... we are arresting about 800,000 Americans every year for use or possession of a drug that is safer than alcohol or tobacco.

No .. I don't smoke marijuana; and I wouldn't smoke it if it were legal. I'm just not fond of absurd laws."

Now, give a thought or two:

1. You will NOT see/hear this on mainstream news....with a possible exception of a mention on FOX.

2. Do you think the anti-drug idiots of government/religion are going to stand for this kind of information? NOPE!

3. Do you think this might give more credence to the long-proposed (Libertarian) view that if we LEGALIZE drugs, the crime rate and dependency will GO DOWN? NOT A CHANCE!

We live in a society built upon hypocrisy! Since alcohol & tobacco provide lots of jobs, they cannot possibly be B-A-D enough to warrant inclusion in the prohibited sector. Since marijuana is a small industry, it does not provide enough jobs to matter.

Think I am kidding? THINK ABOUT IT Folks!