Thursday, March 15, 2007

NCAA Underway.....

"The Dance" is underway today, beginning at 12:40pm. I am sure I lose a lot of female readers about the end of the headline above.

I belong to a small group of six who have worked for....or still work for....a Tampa hospital. We have begun a tradition not unlike one followed in numbers of places all across our country. We bet on who can best judge the games of this year's dance....

Each of us submits their choices and then one of us (me this year) tabulates each round and keeps the rest posted on standings among the group.

Our system is pretty simplistic. Round 1 is one point for each correct prediction. Round 2 is two points, etc.

Our bet? By tradition, again, we bet a can of Diet Fresca cause that is what is in the small fridge in the Sr. VP's office.....he is one of the prime instigators in this ritual.

Last year I led from round two til the final.....then lost out.

This year I WIN! Is not optimism wonderful? Oh, by the way, the picture above is obviously my favorite team.....they, however, did not make it far in my predictions.

Let the games begin!!!!!