Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mexican Presidential Rant - Pot Calls Kettle Black!

How can this insanity be going on, and President Bush take it all in with a straight face? FOX has details.

Let me get this all clear.......

Mexico exports its drugs to U.S.; cannot control the drug cartels and so accuses U.S. of being wrong for its high drug use!

If we are not supposed to build a fence, how are we to stop the out-of-control Mexican cartels from importing said drugs?

Mexico does not allow immigrants, except in rare cases.
Mexico does not allow non-citizens to vote, collect any support, or own things Mexican.
Mexico seeks U.S. help to develop its job own market. (but, makes no pretense about stopping the flow of Mexicans and drugs into the U.S.)

Is there anyone out there who could possibly let GWB know that the VAST MAJORITY of U.S. citizens want the illegals OUT....that we DO NOT want them at the well of health/social security or other benefits.

It is way past time for formation of a party which both insists upon more fiscal responsibility and a drastic halt and reversal to the illegal immigrant flood.

I'll be 1st to sign up!