Friday, March 09, 2007

Mis-Direction, The Dem Way!

Gingrich admits an affair during the period when Bill Clinton was being attacked for his????


Stop the Insanity! Bill Clinton was never, ever, attacked for his Lewinsky affair!!!

He was attacked for his LYING and PERJURY!

I realize it is so very, very difficult for the Democrats, to this day, to admit Bill LIED, but he did... he perjured himself WAY beyond the meager comments of Scooter Libby.....but the Dems still try to equate the entire thing to an affair.

Somehow the Dems just cannot admit they had a leader who was a criminal.

But just let a Republican admit an affair, and it is the same as what Bill did.....NOT! Gingrich has NOT testified before a grand jury and lied.....He has been forthcoming. Bill Clinton lied and gave false testimony. It is a wonder he got off with losing his license as a lawyer.