Monday, March 05, 2007

The Truth Shall Set You Free....As Long as it is YOUR Truth!

The favorite saying of a friend of mine who passed away several years ago in his 80s.

It seems completely appropriate in light of the recent bruhaha over a statement by Ann Coulter at the CPAC, conservative conference.

Coulter spoke out using the term "faggot" about John Edwards (she claims it was a joke). The GOP candidates, to a man, blew a gasket that she had the gall to do so.

The media, and the Dems/Liberals/Kos Kids/et al went C_R_A_Z_Y!!!!!

They found every
reason in the world to attack Coulter.

NOW....Bill Maher speaks out.......READY FOR THIS FOLKS....saying in effect Cheney's Death would save lives & THAT IS OK!!!!! No media problem with such a statement by another public person who is speaking out as a confirmed liberal.

Double Standard......

Yeppers, folks....There is one.

Libs - Say what you like
GOP - Restricted remarks or all hell breaks lose.

Lousy liberal media at the heart once again of not delivering the news, and instead trying VERY, VERY hard to shape and make the news fit their agenda....the liberal agenda.

How wonderful for our free society.

Did anyone guess I am PISSED!?????