Monday, March 05, 2007


Just kicking around some thoughts this morning.

Since Duchess and I retired last year...actually, that is not completely true as I am still working a number of hours monthly, on a contractor basis, for my former employer...we seem to have evolved some habits that are almost ritual. Good? Bad? Who knows, but they are there.

For instance this was a now-typical Monday morning. Wake up time, sans-alarm, has become about 7-7:30. Out of bed, the usual visits to restrooms, etc. and then I start the coffee and grab the paper off the drive. Duchess cleans up after beloved cat "CJ". I jump on my PC and read the latest...following a near-set path from Instapundit to Captain's Quarters to Michelle Malkin to Drudge Report, and finally stopping by at Tampablab to check the Tampa Scene. Duchess and I then meet in the kitchen and dining area where I retrieve coffee cups, and creamer (gotta cut that stuff down) and she moves to our one-week-at-a-time pill boxes for their weekly refill.

The newspaper ritual is even part of it. I open the paper, and while she does the pills I glance thru the comics.... Then when she joins me I begin at the front page, and plow through the entire paper while she reads the comics section. I am sure the reason I spend less paper-reading time than she is because my hours spent at the keyboard each day and evening have given me knowledge of about 50-60% of what is in the daily fishwrap. (I'll do a thing soon on how news and the on-line availability of same has changed our lives!).

Other days we also follow the pills/paper/coffee routine, minus the pill-loading process. Sundays there is a variation as we move the paper-reading to the front room and our leather recliners. The coffee and pills I deliver by tray as she awaits her 30 minute delay following her weekly pill to avoid bone density loss.

Ritual.....Good, Bad? Who cares. It feels really comfortable, and following 40 plus years of getting up to an alarm between 4:30am and 6:00am it is almost palpably delicious!