Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nifong's Turn to Twist In The Wind!

SA Nifong has seemingly violated so many laws and principles that he is dead-to-rights caught. Still he seems bent on answering the charges with a "not me, but if I did I can, and who knows what the word means" type of defense.

How nice to see this slime hanging there twisting..... Read it from Durham In Wonderland.

I still find the man so foul as to stink up any room in which he is located. Three young men are still out there, and will NEVER find complete absolution, even if the charges are dropped and Durham, Durham PD, and Nifong and his investigator are sued and pay HUGE amounts to these guys.

It is worth noting also that the alledged victim and her companion dancer are both playing games about testimony....or at least full testimony to the new Special Prosecutor.


UPDATE: FOX News has the story of another chink in Nifong's armor as the Duke Lacrosse coach releases his book in June!