Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Accidental Death Behind TWO Locked Doors???

Whoa! How can someone be called an accidental death by electrocution when they are behind TWO locked doors?

I am missing something here folks, or we have compound DUMB going on....

The quote from the release about the death of 19 year old Wade Steffey:

"She also said that the ground-level utility room is not accessible from Owen Hall and is locked with two sets of keys, one each for two sets of doors.

Norberg said that when the building was searched for clues into Steffey's disappearance the utility room was apparently not examined because it was locked."

IF it was locked....how did said college student get in there....and HOW was it still locked?

Something smell bad here kemo sabe, and it ain't the body!

Let's hope we hear more soon!