Saturday, March 24, 2007

Treat Global Warming By A Retreat to Surfdom?

Sound a bit alarmist to you? No more so than the trashy way Al Gore is seeking to influence the opinion of everyone, even as he avoids any form of debate on the issue. His "the proof is produced" attitude is aimed at one thing only...cutting off any form of discussion or questioning of his entirely questionable stand.

At Real Clear Politics the story is told quite well by Robert Tracinski.

Pretty impressive; pre-debate figures show global warming a danger by 57%....after the actual facts as they now stand were aired in the debate, that dropped to 42%!

One does not win any form of "proof" by avoiding discussion/debate, whatever you wish to term it. They win majority opinion by openly airing ALL sides of the issue, and the FACTS to support them....not conjecture.