Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Harbingers of DOOM!!!!

The Main Stream (Old Guard) Media are bellowing about the stock market and its perceived (by them) collapse.....the headlines are instant and always negative.....

Down by about 70 points currently (10:15am), the DOW is trumpeted as a major move...

What does 70 points mean? It means a drop of 0.5%.....a half a percent.... But to read the MSM's screaming cry you'd think it was megadoom for the market. How quaint. The important thing to watch here is....if there were a DEMOCRAT in the President's seat the market's movement would be "non-news". Just look back at the coverage during "Wet Willie's" will find such things to be minor or non-existent.

How convenient for the liberal media to report what they WANT, not what is happening. I am still (as a former newsman, 30 plus years removed) confused as to when the media made the move to full-liberal from covering the actual news unbiased...something I and my "troop" of reporters worked really hard to do.