Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Presidential Speculation!

O.K.! Everyone else has done it, so I feel quite comfortable adding my two cents worth (at this point, umpty months prior to the election, two cents is all any speculation is really worth!).

How about this?

Giuliani - Lieberman for the GOP?

Not likely, you say! I beg to disagree. Lieberman has lots of face-slaps still festering within himself left from the Democratic bailout on his last candidacy. He knows they only pander to him as the balance vote in the Senate...not because they like him or support him. Lieberman also knows he will NEVER be a candidate for President or Vice President on the Democratic ticket.

A move to the GOP side would make him a very viable candidate for the VP slot as he'd probably bring a lot of blue NE voters onto the bandwagon. The NE is not fully in love with Hillary...nor are they aboard with Obama.

As for Giuliani...he is moving ahead in the polls hourly. McCain is being perceived by many GOP stalwarts and middle-of-the-road folks as nearing identification as the John Kerry of the GOP...pandering to any and all, changing positions, changing statements, and continuing along a path of self-destruction. Giuliani, much like Lieberman, can reach across the line for many supporters...particularly in one of Hillary's bastions of strength...New York.

What's not to like about this duo? Even is you do not agree with a lot of Giuliani and/or Lieberman ideology, they CAN win, and they are likely the only team that can UNLESS.....Condi moves to VP to replace an ailing Cheney, and then accepts a VP bid.

Now THERE is a wonderful thought!

See, even my thoughts are still at the stage of comfortable flexibility!