Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"What Now, DOW?" -

The question on everyone's mind this morning. Where does it go today?

The Duchess and I, newly retired, depend upon a continuation of our income stream from investments for our future well-being. Thus, perhaps more than casual or younger investors we will be watching the day's activities.

With fiduciary responsibilities for a local organization as well, I must be prepared to pull the funds from an investment to money market, if indicated.

I appears to me the media may be a bit overboard with this. The prime thing I have gotten from the various network experts, if there is actually such a group, is that the day today may bring a bit further intrusion, but will signal a lessening of the drop and perhaps late beginning of the recovery we all hope for.

After all, the markets have been GOLD for the past many months, and as experienced by the major bust in the "dot com" bubble, things can go awry. I am NOT in a position of believing we are near that 2,000 debacle brought on by blind belief that anything internet was going to be explosively positive. There is no such groundwork today. Most of what I see is based upon two items.....Perhaps risky loans in China...on a grand scale... and, housing slows in the USA. In Tampa this is perhaps magnified as we seem to be getting harder hit than other places.

For my part, I'll be watching....not panicking! I keep in mind that 10% growth in short time periods cannot be the norm.