Monday, February 26, 2007

Univ. of Illinois - NCAA, et al!

My earlier posts on the University of Illinois capitulating to the insane desire of the NCAA (listed below) resulted in a post by a friend which sheds a different light on the subject, and one more directly shining on the actual problem...the NCAA and its dictatorial intrusion into 1st amendment areas.

My Friend Lynn's comment to an earlier post:

Speaking of a great place to put that money. How about going after the NCAA for capricious implementation of subjective policy that exceeded their (Ncaa"s) authority and resulted in the violation of first amendment rights. The damages to the reputation and image of the UICU as well depriving 10s of thousands of a meaningful tradition could be a beginning. Dan Maloney was deprived of his 1st amendment rights also. How to fund a Chief Legal defense fund? Easy, with the money from fans, alumni, students and faculty who have decided to withhold their money from the UIUC. (See for starters the 12,000+ petition of signatures of people pledging to do just that>) This would be a benefit on every front win or lose. If nothing else it would give empowerment to the Chief supporters who were totally disenfranchised in the decision process and let the UIUC and NCAA know that they will pay a price for such caving in to PC crowd in the future. It will also give us the opportunity to do what the administration of the UIUC were unable to do or chose not to do...provide a full and convincing defense of the Chief to the public. North Dakota and others may join in with us. Judging by the numbers and polls I doubt we will suffer from too little funding. We can contact the alumni clubs in the different states for help. The very possible and best result would be that we may see the Chief bursting out from the ranks of the Marching Ilini again to perform his honorable, dignified moving dance for his loyal fans.