Friday, February 16, 2007

Chief Illiniwek Is Dead - So Is U of Illinois Funding!!

Sad, Sad day for the Illini.....

U. of Illinois Board President announced today that next Wednesday's final home basketball game will be the last official appearance at a sporting event for the 80 plus year mascot for the Fighting Illini.

This had been coming, despite alumni opposition, since the NCAA delved into areas in which they do not belong, and announced the appearances were not acceptable....thus no post-season events at U of I.

Now a number of my friends (U of I Grads all) have announced a campaign to halt all alumni giving to the school. there are apparently some numbers of alumni ready to join in....

Right on I say.

Political Correctness has gone way astray.....they damn near got FSU's Seminole, and are working on several others.

Idiotarians at work!!! I am firmly believing the NCAA should be abandoned by a good number of major universities....this would drive it into the death pit within a few years.