Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day & The Guys Hate Me!

O.K., I'll explain.....

14 years ago I initiated a new practice on Valentine's Day...and still to this day follow it. I create my own Valentine's card for the Duchess. 1 per day from February 1st thru today.

I find the creation process quite easy as I love the woman so very, very much. However, when we were working, the Duchess would tell co-workers and even those in our social groups. This upset the guys who felt I had set a standard to which they were not able/going to comply.

I do not do it, fellows, to show anyone up...or create a problem for you. I do it for my Duchess...and not for any other.

I love this woman.....


p.s. I also do this from October 1st thru the 8th (our anniversary) each year!