Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Professional Salaries....Comparisons!

O.K., not all professionals.......Surgeons and Law Professors.

Strange combo for comparison, I agree.

Glenn Reynolds, "Instapundit"....among the highest volume blogs in the sphere....was postulating on salaries for law profs and judges in THIS PIECE.

I, having long been involved in the medical field...as a non-medical person...began to wonder about medical vs law as professions.....

My email to Glenn:

"Your piece on salaries for law profs turned on my inquisitive nature. I have always, for whatever reason, felt that law professors and surgeons are the creme-de-la-creme of professionals (not to slight engineers, physicists, and of course psychiatrists.

Having been affiliated with the medical field for many years, I was interested in a comparison of salaries.In my mind, because of education, internships, asst. prof duty, etc. the climb to law prof must be about the same as the climb to surgeon.

Here is a chart of physician salary averages, plus lows and highs.....and including surgeons in major specialties.

Interesting to compare...... http://www.physicianssearch.com/physician/salary2.html

In addition there is the field of teaching-surgeon. As our hospital is affiliated with a medical school, this also comes into play and actually begins to compare apples to oranges in terms of the professors."

I am sure others in "professions" might feel left out....but.....oh well.!