Friday, February 09, 2007

I Refuse To Admit Paternity!!!!!

There, having said that, I am apparently tying myself to the minority!

Suddenly, Anna Nicole Smith's offspring has been sired by more people than I believed she had been with....but then...what the hell do I know!

This media circus is obviously circling about the fact that SOMEONE is going to get a baby & MILLIONS to go with the child. Guess the courts will be doing this gig as long as they have been playing about with the original Anna Nicole claim over her right to about a GAZILLION dollars from the death of Anna's 2nd hubby, the 150 year old geezer with all the riches!

What astounds me more than anything else is the coverage......but then, here I am writing on the topic.


I'll shut up and let the other media folk dance about crying out hysterically.

Plus, I had a vasectomy more than 25 years ago.....guess that keeps me out!!!