Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Border Control....Criminal Aliens? (Iraq?-USA?)

Neal Boortz, at his Nealz Nooze web page this morning has more good content on somewhat related issues.

Closing the Borders in Iraq....


I read this morning that the Iraqi commander of the Baghdad security crackdown has decided to close the borders with Iran and Syria. Now help me out here. Just how long have insurgents been pouring into Iraq from Iran and Syria? And they're just now getting around to closing the border?

Oh wait. Of course! It must be too early and my mind isn't cranked up yet. The Iraqis are just taking their cues from the Bush Administration here! We're being invaded by Mexico! Criminal aliens by the hundreds of thousands ... not totaling as many as 20 million ... have been streaming into this country for decades, and we haven't closed our borders. Iraq has simply been following our lead. Now we need to follow theirs."

In addition, he gets all over the terminology of those folks coming to the USA ILLEGALLY....a new term to offset the politically-correct Main Stream Media's wimp out term...


Yeah .. you heard me right. Though it will take me time to get my tongue trained .. I've decided to join the politically correct crowd when it comes to referring to the invasion force from South of the border. The politically correct left wants to call them "undocumented workers" or "immigrants."

I'm part of the politically correct right ... so the "undocumented" thing doesn't work for me. I was "undocumented" right up until the time I got my hideous Social Security number from the Imperial Federal Government.

They're also not "immigrants." Immigration is a legal procedure. The "immigrant" title is given to those who follow this procedure. The Mexican invasion force has decided not to follow the law. They come across the border illegally. They get jobs illegally. They remain here illegally. That's why we've been calling them illegal aliens up to this point. But when you think about it, what do we call people who violate our laws? What do you call people who engage in a pattern of continuing illegal behavior? Why, we call them criminals!

The gall of these people waving signs saying "I am not a criminal"! Why hell yes you are! You broke the law coming here. You're breaking the law staying here. You break the law by working here. You break the law .. .you're a criminal!

So ... to the extent to which I can remember .. from now on the Hispanic invasion force shall be known as and referred to as "criminal aliens" on the show and in my writings."

Right On Neal!

Time we stopped this political correctness before it destroys our country.