Sunday, February 25, 2007

"It's Your Wedding"

Son, Little Duke, who sometimes blogs here is opening the door to his new business in Jacksonville....and my pride in he and his new operation is huge!

Check the base website for It's Your Wedding!

The site is just being built.....he already has his entertainment business DeLand Entertainment there doing about 200-250 weddings, parties, and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs annually with a staff of several. To see "Little Duke" just click on the "Staff Profiles" button....he is down front in the middle.

His new concept is "one-stop wedding planning." They have a mall built with entertainment, limosine, catering, photographer, videographer, formalwear, and anything else you need....he leases space to all these businesses, and then "It's Your Wedding" coordinates the entire thing down to teaching the bride and groom special dances, etc.

& Yes, for the right price he has done weddings here in Tampa as well as Orlando, Miami, Gainesville, Savannah, GA, and others.

He is in the process of franchising the concept now, and will soon have his 1st franchise operation somewhere on Florida's East Coast.

Makes a father proud!