Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Sound of A Slap!

SLAP! - Take that Ms. Pelosi!

Hoyer takes out "Screamin Murtha" and his Pelosi endorsement/campaign. The vote, in secret, reversed what Murtha had so proudly stated in an interview last night. There he had stated that he had the votes. Period.

Mr. Steny Hoyer is the new House Majority Leader.

The Democrats came before the cameras and all the players spoke. What a congenial group, all smily and happy. But, Murtha still had to get in his patented line "We can go to work now to redeploy the troops and get our guys out of Iraq."

Right! & what of the U.S. Generals who told you yesterday before Congress that we had to stay there until the job was done? Murtha must have been campaigning to beat Hoyer and missed that.

Pelosi now wins her Speakership....Before a House which contains GOP members and the Democrats who failed to vote with her on the 1st official vote. Maybe she will learn a lesson, but I sincerely do not believe so.

This is getting REAL good!