Friday, November 17, 2006

O. J. Part Deux! - Uck!!!!

I am an unashamed fan of Fox News and their webnews as well. It is my home page on the net. However, I have my 1st complete falling out with them on the O.J. fiasco they are about to visit upon the public, hell....already are visiting upon them.

In support of O.J.'s new book in which he tells "how he would have done it, if he had done it". What a complete crock! This book and the interviews by the man should be completely ignored.

Michelle Malkin has a nice long article on the topic, and sum her view with this:

"You wanna make money and attract eyeballs by putting on a vulgar, sweeps-week O.J. freak show? Go ahead. But don't dress it up as public interest journalism, or a historically significant probe "to gain insight into the mind of a sociopath," or a noble search for truth that adds something worthwhile to public discourse. This new specatcle adds nothing. Nothing. We already know the truth. As La Shawn Barber put it bluntly, O.J. Simpson is hellbound. What more is there to "understand?" Haven't there been enough endless interviews giving the sociopath a platform to bare his rotted soul and mind?

Slumming with O.J. is what I called it six years ago: The journalistic equivalent of dumpster diving. And that is all I will have to say about the O.J. orgy that will soil the airwaves through Thanksgiving.


I must agree!

If you'd like more read The OJ orgy! by Michelle.