Friday, November 17, 2006

Martinez: Borders Need Not Be!

Yeppers folks!

Mel Martinez, he same idiot who was vile, ignorant, and dispicable in his campaign to be "our" GOP Senator from Florida, is now taking a look at and being endorsed for the RNC Chairman post.

MY GOD! What totally idiocy!

This man has betrayed his own party to win office; made idiot statements re: EVERYTHING, and achieved the status of the ONLY GOP candidate for federal office I have ever voted against! Is now to be our Chairman????

The facts are, ladies and gentlemen....and the rest of you too....This maverick is a Bush stooge to bring on the "AMNESTY" for our 12 million illegals while also espousing that we DO NOT address the flood of illegals.....


We will lose 2008 if this idiot is allowed to prevail in the Chairman's post....CHECK THIS post to see how he REALLY FEELS about the border!

I believe I need to sign off now, and go be SICK!

Where-o-where has MY GOP gone?????

Bushites lead the attack, and this is the legacy from 2006 to 2008????

If so, we will lose 2008 by a MAJOR MARGIN! Bush does not care as long as he accomplishes HIS agenda.